Welcome to OGS


OGS Pty Ltd is a Perth, West Australian based Offshore & Onshore Oilfield Services provider in the area of Offshore and Onshore Exploration and Development Projects. OGS was incorporated in 2000 with its Core Business in the area of selecting and submitting to Clients very highly Skilled Offshore and Onshore Exploration and Development Personnel. Servicing most of the major International and Domestic Oilfield Energy Companies that have worked in Australia in the past and at present, OGS is renowned in the Industry by its Clients and also Client Third Party Suppliers for providing a Very High Level of local industry Knowledge and Expertise with a Service to match.



OGS provides Equipment & Materials QA/QC & Load-out Assessments to the Oilfield Exploration and Development Industry based in Perth. OGS builds personal relationships and maintains incredible communication with their Clients and Third Party Service Providers.

OGS can structure an all-in-one Total Service for Pre Load-out Assessments including QA/QC Equipment Inspections, Container Loading, Dangerous Goods Assessment, Lifting & Rigging Verification and Truck/Trailer Loading Inspections or each Individual Client Tailored Services can be provided.

OGS prides itself in providing only the best Oilfield Exploration and Development Personnel who are experts with Exploration and Development Projects. We also ensure that our knowledgeable personnel can offer you safe & secure Equipment & Materials shipping. Proper packaging of Containers & Baskets, safe bundling and transit of Tubulars,  correct markings of Equipment & Materials descriptions, and accurate information in manifesting and Dangerous Goods Documentation are all taken into account during the Pre Load-out Assessment process.




OGS is committed to providing the most efficient, reliable, and competent service to its Clients with total Client satisfaction throughout the entire process. All OGS personnel are required to understand the Client’s needs and respond in a professionally competent and meticulous manner. To assure competent services, OGS management has an emphasis on upgrading personnel qualifications through training, continuing education, maintenance of current technical or industry certifications, and obtaining new certifications as mandated by Client requirements. OGS management will work closely with the client’s management to ensure that all contract requirements and objectives are met.